Courses Available

Elementary Course For All Ages and Levels
Elementary For Beginner
Understand and learn the basic grammar rules, daily words and phrases, so that you can talk to and make friends with Chinese natives.
Features Courses for Intermediate and Business
Featured For Intermediate
Speak fluent Chinese, grasp Chinese culture well, and express your opinions to make yourself understood on all occasions.
Customized Course For Expertise
Customized For Expertise
Tailor-made learning proposal, Focus on your needs!Learn everything that interests you, on a 1-to-1 basis.

Professional & Efficient

1-On-1 Course, Learning Effects Guaranteed

Professionals with Expertise

Personalized Online Live 1:1 Course with 2-Way Video+Audio.Professional evaluations and study reports provided regularly.

Native Teachers with TCSL

Mother-Tongue Teaching

All the courses are delivered in 100% Chinese. Meantime,teachers here also speak foreign languages very well.

Customized Course And Time Schedule

Custom Courses & Proposals

Courses with Flexible Schedule and customized teaching proposal to meet your needs.Fully Interactive with High Efficiency !

Why Choose Elite Chinese?
Why 1-On-1 Online?

DVDFab Elite Chinese
DVDFab Elite Chinese